irantronic testing

Industry's Highest System Performance

5 Oct 20012 19:56:09 GMT
Virtex®-7 FPGAs are optimized for advanced systems requiring the highest performance and highest bandwidth connectivity. The Virtex-7 family is one of three product families built on a common 28nm architecture designed for maximum power efficiency and delivers 2x higher system performance and 50% lower power consumption than previous generation FPGAs.

Who Ones Like To Came Asaloye

10 Mar 2013 19:56:09 GMT
Before On Election In Iran In 2005 Best Engineer Of Some Practical Field Like To Came In Asaloye Becuse They Had Many Situation In Two Fild Constructin And Some Maintenance.

Low-Cost FPGAs

10 Mar 2003 19:56:09 GMT
Built from the ground up for low cost Low power consumption Integrated GX transceivers variant.


15 Mar 20013 19:56:09 GMT
Recently I am starting to know Another Knowledge of Electronic World I mean ARM.I hope to find The Way of This Knowledge.


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